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What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry embraces an attitude towards oral health that takes into account the full being of a patient and their environment.

Prevention and education focus

Prevention is enhanced than cure! Our team at Nuffield Dental specially dedicates time to educate you on good self-care techniques in aspects such as – Oral hygiene, Diet, Alcohol intake, Smoking cessation, Stress management, etc, to help you gain confidence in looking after your oral health. 

As the saying goes – “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Indeed, many benefits can be reaped adopting enhanced oral health habits, such as the prevention of gum disease, tooth decay, mouth infections and mouth cancer, and the prolonging of the success of any dental treatment carried out.



Health driven

Your mouth is definitely not a separate part of your body! Modern high quality research increasingly recognises that your oral health can have an impact on the health of the rest of your body (e.g. heart, lungs) and vice versa. The healthier your mouth is, the lesser you are at risk of deadly diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes, etc. At Nuffield Dental, keeping your oral health in tip-top condition is our utmost priority.



Biologically compatible

We take pride in sourcing and selecting materials that are as non-toxic and as non-invasive as possible. This is to ensure that any dental treatment you have will exist in harmony with your body.

  • Latex free

We recognise that many patients may have a latex allergy, therefore we have switched to using latex alternatives such as Nitrile gloves to help you feel safe and comfortable during all your visits with us.


  • Mercury free

Since 2018, we no longer adopt the use of metal fillings due to concerns of biocompatibility and environmental damage from the mercury present within them.

In instances where our dentists are required to remove old metal fillings, we take multiple extra precautions to collect any mercury from the procedure to minimise exposure. This includes:

-Placement of a dam to isolate the tooth and protect the rest of your mouth from exposure

-Use of ultra-high speed suction to capture residual mercury vapour

-Skilful sectioning of the filling by the dentist


  • Phasing out of non-precious metal crowns and onlays

We no longer adopt the use of non-precious metal crowns and onlays in all of our clinics, as these have been known to be very harsh to your opposing teeth and may trigger allergic or autoimmune responses in some patients. Instead, we selectively use ceramics or precious metals which have proven to be biocompatible. 


Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Our entire operations from clinic management to the dental procedures we carry out have a green focus in mind. For example, through active digitalisation, the use of energy-friendly equipment, recycling of all packaging materials, and safe and responsible disposal of mercury.




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